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We're Hiring Interns!

RTT is currently seeking motivated, passionate college students to fill two internship positions. Positions are available in Fall, Spring, and Summer. Read more here.

Ms. Karen

Mrs. Karen lives in her home with her husband, son and mother, Ms. Wilhemina. Ms. Wilhemina is 84 years old and suffers with dementia. Mrs. Karen's son has Cerebral Palsy, and she and her husband are the sole caretakers of her son and Ms. Wilhemena. Thanks to the generosity of the Tulsa community, they now have safer place to call home. Read the full story here.

Ms. Naomi

Ms. Naomi has lived in her home for 51 years. As she has gotten older, she has become physically unable to make needed repairs on her home on her own. Cracks under the sink and around windows and doors made it nearly impossible for Ms. Naomi to keep her home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Help Us Win a $25,000 State Farm Grant

RTT is a finalist in a State Farm Contest to win $25,000. We need YOUR votes!

"Special Blessings to All of You"

Thanks to the generosity of the George Kaiser Family Foundation and dedicated skilled volunteers from the University of Tulsa Physical plant, Ms. Datha now has a safe, secure, and weatherproof place to call home. Read Ms. Datha's story here.