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Mr. Perry

Mr. Perry, an 88 year old WWII veteran, didn't know where to turn for home repairs when his home was damaged in a severe storm. Read his full story here.

Mr. Eddie

Mr. Eddie has lived in his home for 22 years and has a lot of stories to tell. Read his story here.

Ms. Rose

Ms. Rose has lived in her home for 13 years. She has 4 kids, 12 grandchildren, and 8 great grandchildren. Due to roof leaks, she was concerned she would not have a safe and healthy place to raise her family. Read her full story here.

Volunteer Spotlight: Kelsey Birkes

Volunteer Spotlight: Lorah and Garrison

This week, Rebuilding Together Tulsa is honoring two awesome volunteers from Rebuild Day, Lorah Gerald and Garrison Shoemake. Both Gerald and Shoemake work for Whole Foods.