How Repairs are Made

Who performs the repairs?

Homes are repaired by volunteer teams from local corporations, businesses, community organizations, churches, synagogues, schools, etc. Skilled trades professionals assist by completing electrical, plumbing, carpentry or roofing repairs needed.

How are the homes selected?

Neighborhood associations, religious, community, and social service organizations refer clients to our program. The media is also instrumental in letting the community know about our services. RTT program staff and volunteers personally visit each home that meets our eligibility criteria.

Who pays for Rebuilding Together Tulsa repairs?

All repairs are paid for by our Rebuilding Together Tulsa program and there is no cost to the homeowner. Funding comes from businesses, foundations, service organizations, government, clubs, churches and synagogues, associations, and individuals from our Tulsa community of neighbors who care.  All donations and contributions are tax deductible.

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